ARTAS Hair Studio

Introducing ARTAS Hair Studio

The ARTAS Hair Studio® Application

The ARTAS Hair Studio® application is an interactive 3D patient consultation tool that transforms the hair transplant experience. Using actual patient photographs, the physician can create a simulated hair transplant model which may be shared with the patient. A customized aesthetic recipient site plan is then determined with the patient’s input. For ease of use, the application is run on a touchscreen tablet computer.

Transforming the Patient Experience

The ARTAS Hair Studio application allows the physician to develop aesthetic plans with direct input from the patient. The tablet-based application allows the physician to show the patient various hair transplant scenarios, providing the opportunity for patient input, and helping the physician set realistic expectations. This collaboration can help increase patient security and confidence in the eventual outcome.

Realistic 3D Patient Modeling

The ARTAS Hair Studio application’s simulation capabilities allow the patient’s head to be viewed from any angle. With the use of a stylus, the physician draws a hair transplant design directly onto the model. Hairline, graft counts, distribution densities and growth directions are easily adjusted. The physician can also adjust the final before and after simulation, changing parameters such as hair length and hair color.

• Enhance patient consultations and education

• Provide various simulated hair transplant results

• Design is simply delivered to the ARTAS® Robotic System

ARTAS Hair Studio Application Overview