ARTAS Harvesting


The ARTAS® Robotic System is the first and only robotic hair transplant system. Using image-guided robotics, the physician-assisted ARTAS Robotic System precisely dissects follicular units, thousands of times in a single session. Intuitive controls and intelligent algorithms select and harvest the most viable hair for transplant. A two-step dissection system produces healthy grafts while maintaining the natural appearance of the patient’s donor area. Developed to extend the capabilities of the physician, the ARTAS Robotic System enables consistently better outcomes with every procedure.

Speed and Precision Beyond Manual Techniques

Designed by robotics experts and leading hair restoration physicians, the ARTAS Robotic System uses state-of-the art image-guidance and intelligent algorithms to optimize follicular unit harvesting. The location and characteristics of each follicular unit are tracked in real time, updating 60 times per second. The high-definition user interface provides multiple views of the dissection area, allowing the physician to adjust parameters without interrupting the procedure. With the ARTAS Robotic System, physicians harvest follicular units with speed and precision far beyond manual techniques for efficient and consistent results.

• Intelligent algorithms select the best hair for harvesting

• Image-guided robotics for micron-level accuracy

• Minimally invasive dissection system

ARTAS Harvesting Overview