Minimally Invasive Dissection

The ARTAS® Robotic System’s proprietary dissection system produces healthy grafts with low transection rates.

Two-Step Dissection System

  • Consists of a sharp, bi-beveled inner needle nested inside an outer blunt dissection punch
  • Small inner needle scores the skin’s surface
  • Blunt outer punch then enters into the skin to separate the follicular unit from the
    remaining tissue
  • Delivers a healthy, intact graft with harvest site limited to size of the inner needle

Skin Tensioner

Enhances dissection through uniform
    skin tension
  • Fiducials define boundary of the surgical field

Animation of the ARTAS® Robotic System’s minimally invasive dissection process

The ARTAS Robotic System’s blunt dissection punch

Skin tensioner to keep skin taut and provide fiducial markers for precision targeting

Dissected follicular units