The ARTAS® Advantage

The ARTAS® Robotic System enhances manual surgical performance in three key areas where robotics are proven to extend human capability.

Over the past decade, robotic procedures have advanced care in many surgical categories such as cancer surgery. Robotic systems are proven to assist surgeons with difficult, repetitive and precise surgical movements, reducing manual variability and improving outcomes. Their reproducible accuracy and precision has also enabled a shift to the less invasive techniques that patients seek.

Building on the benefits of this robotic foundation, Restoration Robotics has brought robotic technology to a new level of sophistication and advancement – delivering safe, accurate and consistent results in hair restoration.

Robert M. Bernstein, M.D., The ARTAS Robotic System enables a better procedure experience


  • Image-guided robotics dissect at the appropriate angle of approach
  • Parameters of each follicular unit updated 60 times per second
  • Micron-level precision


  • Apply skill with greater speed and precision
  • Set key parameters such as puncture depth, coring depth and angle


  • Eliminates error and uneven site distribution due to manual fatigue
  • Low transection rates

Precision:  Robotic accuracy and repeatability

Control: Easy to operate

Reproducibility:  Consistently healthy intact grafts